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With the development of the electronic industry, terminals are used more and more, and there are more and more types. Terminal block refers specifically to a series of combined wiring fixtures in electrical engineering. The number of terminal points in each row is different, and its model can be determined according to the needs of engineering technical parameters. The closed screw guide hole ensures ideal screwdriver operation. The application of terminal block is mainly reflected in: in power electronic distribution and wiring, when the equipment inside the screen is connected with the equipment outside the screen, it must pass through some special terminal blocks. These terminal blocks are called terminal block when combined. According to the wire diameter of the connecting line or the current to flow, decide to use 1.5A, 2.5A, 4A or other terminals. Remember that the higher the current, the greater the volume. Special attention should be paid to the different colors of terminals, which have special representative significance. Yellow and green terminals are usually grounded. Generally, the colors of terminals are black and gray according to different manufacturers. The correct use of colors can bring safety protection to on-site maintenance personnel. According to the size of a panel, we can calculate whether the number of working terminals required by the enterprise is consistent with its development. This determines whether to use single-layer terminals or double-layer terminals. Double-layer terminals can save twice the space than single-layer terminals. The necessity of electric safety as an electric welder, in addition to the binding, pressing, touching, falling and wiping of cold pressed terminals in international practice, it is also damaged by electric shock accidents.

The working characteristics of wire terminals are connection and conductivity, so the materials for making terminals should also meet its working conditions. The best conductive materials are gold, silver and copper. The first two are too expensive. Pure copper is relatively cheap and can meet its process requirements. Therefore, most of the current wire terminals are made of pure copper. Stainless steel is added with alloy elements such as chromium, niobium and nickel, which increases the resistance and greatly reduces its electrical conductivity. It is not suitable to be used as wire terminals. The hardness of wire terminals should not be too large, If the hardness is too large and the bonding is not good, the effective contact surface of the terminal will become smaller and the cross-sectional area of the conduction current will be limited. This is why tin should be hung on the surface of the terminal. The hardness of tin is relatively soft, which can make the bonding surface of the terminal fully bonded. With the continuous expansion of the application scope of conventional terminals, the extreme electrical connection environment also puts forward more strict requirements for the use of terminals. For example, in a non static environment, the terminal blocks used for electrical connection or signal communication have to meet the needs of the dynamic working environment. In view of this, the connector technicians designed the screw reinforced wiring terminal, and added more stable screw reinforcement on the basis of fixing the plastic clamping point, so as to avoid the above possible problems. Only adding fixing screws at both ends will not increase the workload of wiring. The continuously improved circuit board technology has greatly increased the current that can be carried by the wiring terminals installed on the panel, which has broken through the limit of 110A, far exceeding the level of previous products. The quality of wiring terminals is directly related to the fundamental interests of connector manufacturers. A good terminal product is like a handicraft, which looks pleasant. Terminal blocks must be easy to install on site because they are often installed at the front end of easily visible product panels. Fire retardant engineering plastics shall be used for insulating parts, and iron shall not be used for conductive materials of copper; The plastic insulating materials and conductive parts of the terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, which determine the insulation function and conductive function of the terminal respectively. The failure of any terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering.

The most important thing is the processing of terminal thread. If the thread processing is not good and the torque is not up to standard, the function of connecting conductor will be lost. Thread refers to the thread of the wiring terminal on the instrument to connect with the field connector. For example, for some two-wire transmitters in the industrial field, the thread specification of the commonly used wiring cable fixed connector. The insulation resistance of the terminal insulator needs to be checked. For some process requirements, the electrical performance needs to be tested after assembly. Under normal circumstances, the reasonable process should be process screening in the state of insulator parts to ensure qualified electrical performance. To improve the requirements of mold design level, due to the different terminal designs of different shapes, how to carry out reasonable design is very important. If the structure is unreasonable, the product will be unqualified; For high-precision equipment, the precision of terminal processing equipment is required to be high. The precision of foreign equipment can reach ± 0.002mm, while that of general domestic equipment can only reach ± 0.01mm; High quality basic processing technology. A good connector mold needs the perfect combination of design, equipment and technology. At the same time, it has high requirements for equipment matching and high technical barriers. Guosheng adopts the combination of advanced CNC plane grinding, full-automatic optical curve grinding, slow wire cutting, machining center and other equipment for production. Terminal design, material selection and processing technology are the three core factors affecting the quality of terminal. At the same time, accurately handling the design, material selection and processing technology of terminal is also the prerequisite for each terminal manufacturer to win the market.

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