Peephole SC series copper terminal blocks are popular products.

Compared with DT series, this type of copper terminal is only one more hole, so it is very suitable for users who need to connect two wires at one terminal. This type of terminal is suitable for users with a cross-sectional area of wires between 10 and 630mm2.

When the tubular insulated terminal is closely adjacent to the wire connection position, it can improve the insulation safety and prevent the wire from bifurcation;Tubular insulated terminal can make it easier for the conductor to insert into the end;

Purpose: connection of wires, power cables and electrical equipment in power distribution equipment, for circuit breaker air switch.

This series of terminals can be said to be an extended type of copper terminals. This type of terminal is made of high-quality copper at the wiring place, and the subsequent section is made of aluminum. Friends who need this type of terminal can choose from twelve body types from dtl-10 to dtl-300.

Copper nose, also known as copper ear, copper terminal. Its function is to connect wires and cables to electrical equipment. Copper wire lug is that the copper wire is bent into a circle and fixed with screws; Copper lugs are generally used in thinner wires and fixed with screws. As a high-quality terminal with purple copper appearance, DT series copper terminal is deeply loved by users (used more). At present, DT series copper terminal has 15 specific models (dt-10 to dt-630), among which dt-630 and DT-800 are square head flat plate type copper terminals.

Marine series copper terminals (JG Series), as the name suggests, marine series copper terminals are mainly used on various types of ships. It can support 6 to 300 mm2 wires for connection.

Peephole SC series copper terminal blocks are popular products. They are made of high-quality copper and have high conductivity. You can choose specific models according to the cross-sectional area of connectable wires. Wires and areas ranging from 1.5 mm2 to 50 M2 can be connected with this terminal block.

Post time: Sep-11-2021