Installation precautions

1. The screws must be tightened,
2. The cable and copper nose must be inserted in place and compressed with pliers.
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Although the copper nose is made of the same material, we know that copper can be divided into brass and red copper. There are differences in the price of raw materials. In this regard, customers also need to make it clear that red copper is industrial pure copper with a melting point of 1083 ℃, while brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc, which has strong wear resistance and is often used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes There are differences in appearance, copper content, density, strength, conductivity and so on.
Copper nose is a series of products often used in the power industry. It is commonly used for the connection of cable ends. This operation will make the cable ends electrically connected. High security and firmer. Of course, in addition to being used in the cable industry, these products are deeply loved, including construction, power equipment, household appliances, distribution cabinets and other industries.

Due to the use of metal materials, its performance will be quite good. Copper metal has good insulation, which makes it safer in the process of use and can resist the surrounding air. Therefore, it is very suitable for the connection on the terminal, Moreover, copper products will not change easily and are relatively stable in structure. If they are used in the outside world, even if the temperature fluctuates greatly, they can be used well and will not be affected and cannot be used effectively, When we use the products, we can effectively use them according to the characteristics and factors of these different products, and copper itself is widely used. Compared with steel in humid environment, it can also be used effectively without failure. Copper metal is a very good product for the manufacturing material of terminals.

When using the terminal, we will pay attention to the thread style on the terminal itself. For the spring terminal, we generally use the terminal without thread. The impact of the terminal used on such a spring will make us relatively safe in use. The thread on the terminal itself can prevent falling off, And because a good product requires a lot of contact pressure in use, when we tighten the screw, the diameter of the screw itself is different, so that the screw itself will not be affected and can be used safely and effectively, For the terminal itself, it can protect the effective use of the product, and there will be a certain pressure in it, which will not affect the use of the terminal. When we use such a product, whether there is threaded type or not will have an impact on the use of the terminal, The difference in the friction force generated on the contact surface will lead to the difference in the use of the product.

When using copper noses, we should first make corresponding judgment and selection for different production sites. When using areas and spaces for these different products, we need to better select and apply different types of copper noses of different materials, Only through the use of such a product can we operate more effectively in the process of use. The copper nose has a lot of application scope in our current use, We need to have a certain understanding before use, so that we can effectively play its own relevant role in use, and we can use such products more and more effectively.

The environment for storing copper terminals must be correct. Generally, the environment for storing copper terminals must not be too high in temperature, too heavy in moisture and corrosive gas. If stored in these environments, the storage life of your copper terminals will be greatly reduced, and the possibility of leakage when using copper terminals in this environment is higher. If you store the copper terminal in the wrong way, the strength, insulation and other properties of the copper terminal will be greatly reduced, which will not meet the requirements you need, and your safety will be threatened.

The correct environment for storing copper terminals must be selected when the temperature cannot exceed 75 degrees (the temperature can also be adjusted by air conditioner), clean and free of dust and corrosive gas, and the moisture cannot be too heavy (the moisture can be changed through the ambient temperature, and the moisture concentration can be higher when the temperature is low), The correct storage of copper terminals can effectively improve the service life of copper terminals, and the copper terminals are safer when you use them. There will be no short circuit and leakage due to dust or moisture entering the copper terminals.

The model of the line nose indicates: the first letter represents the model and the second letter represents the material. “-” The first number represents the square of the wiring, and the number after “-” represents the screw hole diameter. For example, model ot10-8: O represents model, round (U is fork), T represents material (copper), 10 represents wiring square (for connecting 8-10 square cables), and 8 represents screw aperture.

Inductor: an element that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. The structure of the inductor is similar to that of a transformer, but there is only one winding. The inductor has a certain inductance, which only hinders the change of current. If the inductor is in the state of no current, it will try to prevent the current from flowing through it when the circuit is connected; If the inductor is in a state of current flow, it will try to keep the current constant when the circuit is disconnected. Inductor is also called choke, reactor and dynamic reactor.

Inductance: inductance is a property of closed circuit, that is, when the current passing through the closed circuit changes, electromotive force will appear to resist the change of current. This inductance (called self inductance) is the property of the closed loop itself. Assuming that the current of one closed loop changes and the electromotive force is generated in another closed loop due to induction, this inductance is called mutual inductance.

The use of wire nose can ensure sufficient contact area at both ends of the connection. Because the connecting part between the wire nose and the wire should be compacted with hydraulic pliers. The connecting section between the line nose and the equipment shall be compressed with bolts to ensure that the contact surface has sufficient actual contact diversion points under the restriction of pressure, so as to ensure that the contact surface will not be heated due to the small contact surface.

“Advantages of thread nose
1. The wiring is convenient. There is no wire nose. Only solder wiring is available. It is troublesome and not too firm
2. It’s safe. The thread ends are pressed together without burrs,
3. The design of the wire nose ensures sufficient contact area and will not lead electricity to flow through and cause accidents due to large heating”

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