A complete list of common terminal types

A terminalis part of a connector. It is located in the inner structure of the insulating layer casing and is a copper sheet with holes on both sides. Wires can be plugged in to complete the electrical connection. There are usually several terminals in the connector, each of which has a ductile connection that matches the corresponding terminal inserted into the connector, and its corresponding electric welding soldering to the cable or PCB circuit connector. terminal.
With the improvement of the level of industrial control automation and the increasingly stringent and precise regulations of industrial control systems, the use of terminal blocks has gradually increased. There are more and more standards and types of terminal blocks.
In addition to PCB board terminals, commonly used terminals also include metal terminals, nut terminals, torsion spring terminals, wiring terminals, ring grounding device terminals, open buckle terminals, lock terminals, grommet terminals, semi-insulation terminals, plug Spring terminal, stainless steel plate terminal, U terminal, fuse terminal, straight terminal, self-locking terminal, bevel terminal, great white shark tooth terminal, crimp terminal, red plum blossom terminal, sun terminal, round terminal, square terminal.

Post time: Mar-03-2022