How to connect the cable connector? How to waterproof?

Power cord connectors are divided into “+ word connection method”, “word connection method”, “T-word connection method” and so on. Connections should be tangled, smooth and redundant. How are the cables connected? What is the waterproof solution for cable glands?
1. Cable connection method.
Power cord connectors are divided into “+ word connection method”, “- word connection method”, “T-word connection method” and so on. Connectors should be wound, clean, and unnecessary. Before disconnecting the cable end, press lightly on the cable branch, then twist it, then rock it up and down, then connect the wire to the connector to disconnect. If the joint is in an air-dry area, it should be wrapped with a double layer of insulating cloth, then a double layer of plastic tape (also known as PVC tape), then J-10 insulating self-adhesive tape 200% wrapped up and down with a double layer of plastic tape.
There are many drawbacks due to the immediate application of plastic: plastic tape can easily lead to glue displacement and opening; when the electrical equipment is under heavy load and the connector is hot, the plastic tape is easy to melt and close; the switching power supply connectors are stuck to each other in the junction box, and the connectors have burrs It is easy to poke plastic tape etc. This safety risk immediately compromises life safety, moderates the route, and creates a fire accident. However, the application of gray-black tape for insulating layers is not easy to produce. It has a certain compressive strength and operational flexibility. It can wrap around the seams for a long time. Due to the interference of time and ambient temperature, and the type of drying and fixing, it is not easy to fall off and flame retardant.
In addition, after the tape is wrapped with insulating black tape, it can be waterproof and rust-proof. Of course, self-adhesive tapes for insulating layers also have disadvantages. Although it has good water resistance, it breaks easily. So it ended up being used as a double layer plastic tape as a protective layer. The self-adhesive tape of the insulation layer of the joint does not stick to the joint and has strong characteristics.
The second is how to waterproof the cable joint.
High-pressure waterproof tape, like ordinary plastic insulating tape, can be overwrapped. This tape looks like plastic, grey and black like a tire, soft, thicker, packs down, and seals completely, not afraid of water. You can be in a place that sells electrical materials.
Introduction to cable glands.
Generally, the external application quality of the power cord is good, the shell strength is high, the casing is fireproof, and the waterproof performance is good.
Sleeves, usually used in villa basement construction, to secure pipes or grommets to facilitate pipe construction.
Casing classification: rigid casing, soft waterproof casing, seamless steel pipe casing, white iron casing, etc.

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