Common terminal types Daquan

A terminal is part of a connector. It is located inside the insulating rubber shell and is a metal sheet with holes on both sides. It can be inserted into the wire to complete the electrical connection. A connector usually has multiple terminals, and each terminal has a connecting terminal corresponding to the corresponding terminal in the matching pressure connector, and the corresponding terminal in the pressure connector, and the corresponding welding terminal of the external connecting body such as the branch line corresponding to the cable or the PCB welding terminal line contact. end. With the improvement of industrial automation and the increasingly strict and accurate industrial control regulations, the amount of terminal blocks is gradually increasing. The application range and types of terminal blocks are getting wider and wider. In addition to the widely used terminal PCB board terminals, there are also metal terminals, nut terminals, torsion spring terminals, wiring terminals, ring ground terminals, buckle terminals, lock terminals, sheath terminals, semi-insulated terminals, spring terminals, Stainless steel terminal, U type terminal, fuse terminal, straight terminal, self-locking terminal, bevel terminal, shark tooth terminal, wire terminal, plum blossom terminal, sun terminal, round terminal, square terminal, fully insulated terminal, insulated cold-pressed terminal , round terminals, ear pick terminals, plug-in terminals, fork insulation terminals, etc. Additionally, it can provide material specifications or certifications for terminal connectors. According to the different requirements of customers, they can also contract different processed products. These products are suitable for all fields. Maybe you will see it on the computer, it has been widely used in the communication industry. It is believed that in the near future, the terminal block will become a key component of the automatic control device. Especially with the accelerated level of industrialization, many enterprises are pursuing efficient operation, which requires highly automated equipment to meet the development of today’s industry.

Post time: Jul-30-2022